The Liquidations and Compensation Board

Our Mandate

As the name suggests, the directive of the Liquidations and Compensation Board is to control, regulate and oversee the federal securities rules and regulations appertaining to corporate filings, and all administration practices over documentation. Also as well as our primary mandate and just as important, we act in accordance with other various legal and corporate third parties that we have to deal with during the course of a merger or acquisition, or indeed the filing for documentation release once firms have been liquidated (administered).

We oversee that all entities involved in any such dealings and transaction do so in a correct, fair and open manner. This is one of our main edits, that good regulation is good for any business. Normally when malpractice does occur it tarnishes the reputation and integrity of the whole industry. We uphold a stringent adherence and interpretation of the necessary Federal and State legislation. The Liquidations and Compensation Board have come to understand the key to any documentation being filed has to be in good standing, particularly in today’s modern global society. We strive to keep abreast of regulations and laws set out in shareholders transfers and work hard to satisfy every beneficiary in both corporate and individual filings.