About the Liquidations and Compensation Board (USLCB)

To establish good oversight is the USLCB’s main priority. Our task is to protect all associates when filing for outstanding certification in various sectors, and over the last thirty years there has been a growth in filings for documentation throughout the industry. The USLCB main priority is the disclosure of critical data, policing laws of registration, and safeguarding participants who have to deal with various entities and individuals.

The crux of the USLCB’s effectiveness is its authority to enforce. Every year we bring increasing levels of enforcement actions on firms and individuals that fall foul of U.S legislation. Such infractions could be: accounting fraud, the supply of misleading data.

As well as policing all federal laws to achieve fair and honest compliance, the USLCB has committed to supplying information when and if it is applicable. One of the ways we do this is by utilizing our website that has a wealth of information and useful resources.

To fight modern day fraud needs cooperation and teamwork. We strive to ensure our clients and participants are legally aware and cautious in their enterprises. The Liquidations and Compensation Board is the number one regulator and overseer when it comes for filing for the release of funds due, and the mergers and acquisitions industry. We work side by side with various third parties and agencies to make certain that both the data we supply is not only right but will prove legally binding.